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Let us introduce the Foundation’s logo. It represents two attributes important in the Foundation’s efforts: Endurance and Hope.

On the right side, the image takes the shape of a swan, a bird noted for its endurance. Swans migrate thousands of miles at bitterly cold stratospheric heights. The left side of the logo then takes the shape of a heart, symbolizing the Hope that exists when the heart takes flight. Hope is what each patient brings to us, and Hope for success in clinical trials is what keeps us going. Hope is what we must have in our efforts to increase funding, so that we can continue to wage the battle, and hope for a cure sustains us all.

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Upcoming Events

  • Cancer Support Group
    Please join us for our next Cancer Support Group. Lunch is provided.

    The group will be meeting in Suite 100 on the first floor at West Houston Medical Center, 12121 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77082.

    Read more.

Knowledge Corner

  • Promising Study Findings Pertaining to Aggressive Breast Cancer

    Using a chemotherapy treatment optimization strategy in high risk/metastatic breast cancer patients that included patients with triple negative disease resulted in low recurrence (8%), supporting potential curability in this breast cancer population. Read more.